Documentation and other Services

Transom provides research and support materials for historic and structural assessments in addition to comprehensive conservation planning.  These materials are often a vital part of the application process for preservation grant funding or submission for various historic designations.  Documentation services are typically provided a la carte, determined by the specific needs of the client and particular circumstances of the structure being researched.  These materials often include narrative descriptions of architectural style, building techniques and materials, property history and evolution.  Photographs and three-dimensional, measured drawings often serve as a key to structural reports by providing a visual context to complement the details of the narrative report. Additional materials from historic records are often included as addenda.









The two drawings shown here illustrate and interesting circumstance of historic adaptation.  The elements shown in green and blue in the upper drawing represent timbers from the structure depicted below.  The green elements remain in their original configuration while those depicted in blue are original parts of the lower structure that have been moved to another position.

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